1265 S. Cleve-Mass Road, 
Copley, Ohio  44321

First Grace United Church of Christ

  First Grace, then Faith and Works   

   Fair trade provides the opportunity for crafters in Third World Countries to market their creations in a setting which allows them to set a fair price for their products.  

   For us, it is the linking of our community with the wider world providing us an opportunity to support social justice and fair trade policies.

  It all started in the US, when Ten Thousand Villages (formerly Self Help Crafts) began buying needlework from Puerto Rico in 1946.  SERRV International (Sales Exchange for Refugees Rehabilitation and Vocation) first imported wooden cuckoo clocks from Germany post WWII and grew to working with impoverished people throughout the world. The first formal "Fair Trade" shop opened in 1958 in the United States.


1265 S.  Cleveland-Massillion Road (at the railroad tracks)

330-258-9003; www.themarketpath.com

We are non-profit; the majority of what you spend supports the artisans.  Experience the world of difference you can make 

in the lives of others.

We are open Tuesday through Saturday, 11:00 am - 5:00 pm.  

One may also shop online at The Market Path Online

or call for an appointment, 330-258-9003                                

Every first Saturday of the month, all merchandise is 15% off.


Over 3,000 children have been separated from their families at our southern border.
They live in cages and sleep on the floor.  
Untold numbers of them have been physically and sexually abused.
545 are lost to their parents.
Take Action...
The Market Path and First Grace UCC ask you to join them in advocating for these refugee children and their families.

Contact your members of Congress and express your perspective on the treatment immigrant children are receiving at our border.  Remember, these children are being mistreated in your name!
Financially support organizations which are providing legal and social services to these immigrant families.

The Market Path is providing postcards, 
names and addresses of government officials, 
and the names of organizations which are using our contributions in support of these families. 
This information is also included on the "In Our America" and the " Immigrants" page of this website.
One may also text STATE to 50409 in order to write the Governor and legislators.

The United States of America is now kidnapping and abusing children.
...take action now.