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First Grace -- 

then Faith and Works

mailing address -- 1265 S. Cleve-Mass Road

Copley, Ohio 44321

First Grace is a “Remnant Church." 

Unlike most churches, we do not have a building to call our own. 

Just the same, since 2014 we have been a worshipping and a working congregation remaining faithful to God and to proclaiming God’s Good Will through acts of caring.  


1265 S. Cleveland-Massillion Road

 (at the railroad tracks)


The Market Path is non-profit and is staffed by volunteers; the majority of what you spend supports the artisans. 

 Experience the world of difference 

you can make in the lives of others.


Tuesday through Saturday,  

11:00 am - 4:00 pm.

One may also shop online at THEMARKETPATH.SQUARE.SITE

or call for an appointment, 330-258-9003

Every first Saturday of the month, all merchandise is 15% off.

Take Action...

The Market Path and First Grace invite you 

to join them in advocating for refugee children and their families. 

Contact elected officials and express your perspective on the 

Biden Administration's policies regarding these families.

Names and addresses are available on the "In Our America" page.

Financially support organizations which are providing legal and social services to these families.

Names and addresses of such organizations can be found on our "Immigrants" page.

One may also text STATE to 50409 in order to write the Governor and State Legislators.