First Grace United Church of Christ


  Serving the Highland Square Area and the Near West Side of Akron, Ohio   

We are a Progressive Church

What that means is that we think, believe and act outside the box.  We are not afraid to apply Christ's teachings to situations in today's world.  We believe that Christ was not hesitant to challenge individuals or shake up the world.  By bringing to light new understandings of God's love for the Creation we believe that Jesus expects his followers to not be comfortable with church or the world they live in.  Growing in faith brings us ever closer to an understanding of who Christ is and who we are to be.


Our motto is "First Grace.  Then Faith and Works."  By that we mean that we believe that God's love is so extreme that it is by the grace that we are able to respond with faith and works. 


     We invite you to come to celebrate this loving relationship with us!