1265 S. Cleve-Mass Road, 
Copley, Ohio  44321

First Grace United Church of Christ

  First Grace, then Faith and Works   


     What does First Grace have in common with the NBA and NHL?  We too are going to suspend gathering together for a couple of weeks while we wait out this Covid-19 Virus to exhaust itself or show its weakness and how to overcome it.  Our space is too compact for us to safely continue worshiping at this time -- we simply are a congregation made up of too many whose health does not need to be stressed.
     So, we will not gather March 15 or 22.  We will make a decision about later dates when we get there.  We will also cancel the Fellowship Group at Panera on Saturday.
     I will be sending scripture, liturgies, prayers, etc. to supplement your meditative life during this time. Please keep me informed of any changes in your health, etc.
     Keep in touch with your loved ones.  Stay informed (from a reliable source) on what is going on.  
Reach out if you need something.  Keep washing your hands -- don't touch your face (yes, I know, you want to do that now).

Peace, Dreese

First Grace is an interesting part of  the Body of Christ.  If you are looking for a quiet congregation, you may not care for us.  We take the teachings of Jesus seri0usly--seriously enough that we don't spend a lot of time debating what we should do next--we just get on with it. 

   We do not believe persons with HIV should be shunned by society or the by church; we provide confidential testing, support, and prevention services through the Akron AIDS Collaborative.

   We no not hide from the uncertainties which our brothers and sisters in Third World Countries must face.  Instead, we provide a market for their hand-crafted items to be sold through our Market Path Fair Trade Store located in Copley.  

   Most importantly, we do not think or pretend that we are perfect people.  We know that we are struggling to continue the ministry of our Christ in this 21st Century.  We invite you to join with us in the struggle.

We will not meet again for worship until all are safe from Covid 19.

First Grace is a safe place for all people to worship

regardless of race, creed, age, cultural background, or sexual orientation.