First Grace United Church of Christ


  Serving the Highland Square Area and the Near West Side of Akron, Ohio   

Perhaps you were looking for us.  Or maybe you just stumbled upon our website by accident.  Either way you have found the church we want you to become acquainted with.

First Grace is an interesting part of the Body of Christ.  If you are looking for a quiet congregation you may not want to give us a try.  We are out there!  We take the teachings of Jesus seriously -- seriously enough that we don't spend a lot of time debating what we should do next -- we just get on with it.


    • We don't wonder how to help families find quality care for their children while they work or go to    school -- our AMOS (Another Means of Success) Child Care Center welcomes their children into a safe and loving environment!

    • We don't believe that persons with HIV should be shunned by society or the church -- we provide  confidential testing, support and prevention services through the Akron AIDS Collaborative.
    • We do not hide from the uncertainties which our brothers and sisters in Third World Countries must face -- instead we provide a market for their hand crafted items to be sold through our Market Path Fair Trade stores in Highland Square and Kent.
  • But most importantly we do not think or pretend that we are perfect people.  We know that we are struggling to continue the ministry of our Christ in the 21st Century.  We invite you to join with us!